Aasani Managed Communications Services
for Manufacturing and Distribution

Connect Remote Workers, Machines, Technicians and Warehouse Floors

Aasani Telecom’s secure communication system is designed to support virtual work, ERP systems, wearable devices, and IoT-connected machines. The system includes a variety of features that helps to ensure effective communication, collaboration, and connectivity among staff, back-office applications, and machines. The system is easy to use and helps to improve productivity by streamlining workflows and reducing the need for manual tasks. In addition, the system is secure and helps to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. As a result, Aasani Telecom’s secure communication system is an essential tool for businesses that need to deliver on production promises. The system’s robust security features help businesses to avoid the costly consequences of data breaches, while its easy-to-use interface ensures that employees can quickly adapt to the new system. In today’s connected world, Aasani Telecom’s secure communication system is a valuable asset for any business that needs to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Businesses need to ensure that their employees have the resources they require to remain productive, no matter where they are. To facilitate this, our phone and video systems incorporate collaboration tools and applications best suited for remote workers. For instance, Find Me / Follow Me as well as Voicemail Transcribed via Email services provide your staff with a seamless experience when working remotely or on-site in the office – helping them stay connected at all times in order to get tasks completed quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today so we can assist you with providing solutions tailored towards empowering your team wherever they may be!
  • Remote assistance is the perfect way to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce costs. With virtual and augmented reality, your field techs can provide customers with a seamless service experience from anywhere in the world – no need for travel! This technology also has benefits beyond customer care: it provides an immersive training tool that increases understanding when learning about new products or services. Investing in remote assistance ultimately helps boost quality of support while reducing costs over time.
  • Move your business into the future with Aasani Telecom’s SD-WAN and IP-Backbone. Our services give you a competitive advantage by optimizing application performance, enabling connections to SaaS providers, providing cost savings on WAN bandwidth costs and giving scalability for your growing operations. Unlock the benefits of IoT and robotics initiatives in a cloud environment while ensuring reliable connectivity – contact us today to find out how we can help!
  • In an increasingly interconnected world, reliable broadband is no longer a luxury—it’s essential to every business and individual across the globe. Unfortunately, lack of access or dependability has been an issue for many who live in rural areas until now; advanced wireless solutions can provide them with the internet connection they need as either their main source or backup tool that keeps them connected at all times. No one should have to go without this life-essential resource – thanks to advances in technology like wireless broadband, we are bridging the digital divide so everyone can benefit from quality internet connectivity regardless of location!

Safeguard Data and Network Infrastructure

At Aasani Telecom, we believe your company’s sensitive data should be protected at all costs. To promote this goal, we provide Advanced Edge Security services with a UTM device or service that keeps potential breaches and espionage attempts at bay. We also offer Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) as well as SD-WAN to help ensure optimal network performance for AI initiatives such as automation and wearable devices monitoring production lines in the supply chain space. Secure phone conferencing is available so remote workers can connect safely with technicians across distances; additional video conferencing options are accessible too when needed! Our comprehensive security measures mean you can have peace of mind knowing your vital information remains secure and safeguarded against any threats.

Accelerate Business Growth

Aasani Telecom is the leading provider of communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. From high-capacity internet and secure web conferencing to robust backup systems and mobile-enabled phone systems, we have the tools you need to stay connected no matter where you are. Our IP backbone and 24/7 technical support provide the reliability you need to stay up and running, while our industry-leading guarantee of 100% uptime, locked rates, and customer satisfaction gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business. Plus, our Automatic upgrades for UCaaS and SD-WAN technology keep you ahead of the curve at no additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about how Aasani Telecom can help you meet your communication needs.

Safeguard Data and Network Infrastructure

Aasani Telecom offers a variety of services and products to help protect your sensitive corporate information. Our Advanced Edge Security services include a UTM device or service, which helps guard against potential data breaches and espionage. In addition, our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and SD-WAN help ensure that your network performance can support AI initiatives like sophisticated automation and smart manufacturing, wearable devices that monitor production lines and supply chain progress, and secure phone and video conferencing for remote workers and technicians. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your corporate information safe and secure.

Accelerate Business Growth

Aasani Telecom’s complete solution stack provides businesses with reliable, high-quality internet and phone service. The company’s Service Guarantee offers customers 100% uptime, locked rates, and satisfaction with installation timeliness and overall customer service. Aasani Telecom also provides automatic upgrades for its UCaaS and SD-WAN technologies free of charge throughout the contract period. This comprehensive suite of services gives business owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing their communications needs are being met by a reliable and reputable provider.

Advanced Communications

For effective business operations, collaboration is key – especially between teams and customers who may be located in disparate places. With secure remote access features, businesses can keep employees connected no matter their location. Secure video conferencing provides a streamlined method of communication while call centers enable smoother management of higher-volume duties; plus with cross device compatibility of online tools instantaneous collaborations are feasible! Proactive organizations use these resources to ensure efficient problem solving any time, anywhere.

Network Protection

Businesses are no strangers to the risks of data breaches and ransomware attacks, but with secure networking solutions, these threats can be mitigated. Ensuring your corporate information is kept safe from malicious content will not only reduce risk factors – it also eliminates costly downtime associated with data recovery efforts should an incident occur. Implementing a reliable network solution helps businesses ensure their networks remain up-and-running while safeguarding important data 24/7.


Keeping up with the pace of technological advancement is essential for businesses to remain competitive. To ensure your team, customers and machines have reliable access to the bandwidth they need, investing in high-speed internet combined with managed WiFi services could be just what you’re looking for. With support available 24/7 and tailored solutions that optimize usage while reducing costs, it’s a practical way to maintain connectivity across all devices connected digitally within your business – from laptops and wearables through to IoT machines.