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Consolidating Voice & Data Service Simplifies IT

SIP trunks present a cost-effective and efficient avenue for unlocking the diverse features of cloud-based IP phones, thereby enhancing the overall value of your current telephony infrastructure. By seamlessly linking your IP-enabled Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the public telephone system through your existing broadband connection, SIP trunks eliminate the need for expensive dedicated voice lines. This strategic integration of voice and data over a unified broadband connection not only simplifies your network but also results in significant monthly savings on telecommunication expenses. Additionally, SIP trunks extend beyond cost-effectiveness, offering businesses superior call quality, heightened reliability, and an array of advanced functionalities such as Caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail.

For businesses seeking to optimize bandwidth utilization and achieve financial efficiency, SIP trunks emerge as a pragmatic solution. Their capacity to streamline communication processes, reduce expenses, and enhance overall telephony capabilities positions SIP trunks as a versatile and valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. As technology continues to evolve, the adoption of SIP trunks becomes a forward-thinking approach to meet the dynamic communication needs of the modern business landscape. With SIP trunks, your organization can not only stay technologically competitive but also ensure a seamless and cost-efficient telecommunication experience.

With Aasani Telecom SIP Trunks Your Business Gains:

When selecting a VoIP system, it’s essential to get the right number of SIP trunks for your situation. These virtual phone lines let you make and receive calls over the internet, so if there are occasional peaks in call volume it’s important to plan ahead. If heavier usage is anticipated during peak times then additional trunks or an ‘call bursting’ plan should be considered – allowing businesses added flexibility when experiencing sudden upticks in traffic. The optimal choice will depend on each business’s individual needs: making sure that with careful assessment enough capacity can be provided without incurring unnecessary costs.

Voice traffic is a top priority on private cloud networks and thus can be completed without interruption, even in the event of an outage. In addition to steady performance for real-time communication needs, companies can also enjoy greater security protection because their data will travel over the private network rather than a public one – essential for sensitive information exchanged during calls. For businesses that rely heavily on voice services, such as call centers or customer support lines, they should strongly consider utilizing a private cloud solution to ensure smooth service requirements are being met with adequate privacy safeguards in place.

Businesses can now make significant savings on their phone bills by transitioning to VoIP. With its significantly lower call rates compared to analog landlines, plus features such as free in-network calling between offices and customizable plans tailored to different business needs, it’s no surprise that a growing number of companies are making the switch.

6 Ways Aasani SIP Stands Out from Alternative SIP Solutions

Connection to Any End-Point

Aasani offers an innovative IP-based voice solution that allows you to seamlessly upgrade your phone system according to budget and specific needs. With Aasani, all of your existing equipment can be connected with SIP for a cost effective option without any long term contracts or commitments necessary. Additionally, no new expensive equipment is required as calling uses the Internet – making it easier than ever before! Get in touch today to find out how Aasni’s revolutionary service can modernize yours.

IP Telephony that Matches Your Business Needs

Aasani provides organizations with a comprehensive voice communication system that ensures streamlined connectivity and cost savings. From the SIP-enabled PBX to Unified Communications platform, businesses can easily add new users and features as they grow while avoiding costly long-distance fees between main office locations or branch offices. For those requiring more complex solutions, Aasani offers hosted voice options utilizing their world class network infrastructure for reliable service in multiple sites across any distance.

Call Bursting Capacity

Unexpected call volume can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to worry. For a limited-time offer we are providing an increased capacity plan that will help your business stay afloat in times of crisis – natural disasters or unexpected support issues included! Take the guesswork out of maintaining steady call traffic and get our promotional subscription today. The convenience doesn’t end there; when everything is back to normal, simply cancel with no additional commitments required. So make sure your communication channels remain open without hassle – contact us now and rest assured knowing you’re covered!

The Right Fit

At Aasani Telecom, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we take a personalized approach to finding your business’ optimal telecommunication solution – one tailored just for you and engineered with scalability in mind. We’ll work closely with your team to assess usage needs before recommending any solutions or services – so rest assured that you won’t pay more than what’s necessary. We cater to organizations of all sizes, from small startups up through large corporations––no matter where on the size spectrum YOU fall; let us help meet YOUR telecom needs today!

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Business Continuity

For organizations looking for reliable and dependable communication, a hosted VoIP phone system is the way to go. Utilizing cloud-hosted features such as Auto Attendant, Voicemail and Call Forwarding, this type of setup can be uninterrupted by power outages or other disruptions that may otherwise disrupt traditional PBX systems. So you can stay connected with customers and employees in any situation – ensuring critical communications remain strong even if unexpected challenges arise!

Multi-Factor Security

Aasani SIP provides a reliable and secure solution for today’s businesses in the fight against fraud. Our unique two-step authentication process requires both credentials and an assigned IP address, helping to protect company accounts from unwanted calls by malicious actors. Moreover, locking down your registration to one IP address helps you prevent unauthorized access – offering additional security layers that work towards preventing fraudulent behavior.

SIP Trunk Calling Plans

With each SIP Trunk order, you’ll get all the support you need for unlimited DIDs plus a business telephone number (BTN) – so your emergency services are always up-to-date and easily accessible. Plus, with our outbound caller name set up and local directory listing service included in every package, it’s easy to make sure customers can find your contact info wherever they search.

Local + Long Distance

Our Local + Long Distance plan is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who want a predictable monthly bill. For a flat monthly rate, you get unlimited inbound and outbound calling to the lower 48 and Canada, plus a choice of add-on features like business continuity, calling name service, and call bursting. And with a minimum purchase of 3 concurrent call sessions, you can be sure you’re getting the coverage you need. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about this great business solution. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect plan for your business. So don’t wait – call us today!


Your business can benefit from our flexible, cost-effective per-call plan – perfect for companies with minimal long distance requirements. Enjoy unlimited local inbound and outbound calling plus on-net calls at a flat monthly rate based on the number of call sessions you need. Plus, select added features like business continuity or calling name service to customize your experience! Get started by purchasing a minimum of 3 concurrent call sessions – contact us today to get set up!


Our business-grade VoIP service is an attractive option for businesses requiring higher call capacities and unique calling practices, like those used in a call center. Our plan offers competitively low prices per concurrent call path along with helpful features such as continuity support, caller name identification capabilities and the opportunity to burst calls when needed. Every type of conversation – incoming or outgoing – can be tracked through our metering system; adding value by allowing you to purchase bundled minutes at reduced rates on both domestic long distance phone calls and toll free numbers available to your customers who may contact you over their phones. All users must commit to 3 simultaneous communication sessions minimum before signing up!

Aasani SIP Trunking Also Supports Analog & PRI Trunking

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) offers businesses an economical and flexible connection to the PSTN, enabling up to 23 simultaneous calls with a single line. Utilizing additional PRI lines increases capacity for larger scale demands like video conferencing while saving on costs compared to individual voice lines. Combined with its cost-effectiveness, adaptability makes it an ideal choice for business communication needs that require multiple channels and frequent reassignments.

  • Lines and Trunks
    • At Aasani Telecom, we recognize that every business is unique and has a distinct set of telecom needs. That’s why our portfolio includes Analog phone lines as well as trunking services – to suit the size and scope of your organization! With pay-per-use options available for both products; you can be rest assured knowing our solutions will fit your budget without forcing additional costs onto you. Whatever volume or scale required by growing businesses – contact us today to discover how we customize the right solution tailored just for you!
  • Voice Gateway
    • Aasani Telecom relies on its voice gateway to maximize its customers’ communication experiences. By utilizing advanced router/IAD technologies, this technology optimizes sound clarity with quality-of-service protocols and security measures that protect conversations from outside interlopers. What’s more is the convenient monitoring feature gives businesses insight into their conversation performance so they can take proactive steps in responding quickly when needed. It’s no wonder why Aasani Telecom places such high importance on it – thanks to voice gateways, clients enjoy unparalleled vocal engagement with one another!
  • Customer Network 
    • Upgrade to VoIP without any disruption or added expense. Aasani Telecom’s Analog and PRI Trunking can take advantage of your current phone system, making the switch to voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) simple – no additional hardware required! Their virtual numbers give you the flexibility to keep your existing contact information while leveraging powerful features that come with a modern communication solution. With no need for new infrastructure investments either, enjoy all of the benefits associated with this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price point today.

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