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Aasani Virtual Private Network (Aasani VPN)

Aasani Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a comprehensive range of features to meet the needs of businesses both small and large. Its flexibility allows for deployment everywhere from corporate networks to public internet, accommodating any device or operating system. Plus, users enjoy extra assurance in security thanks to Aasani VPN’s built-in firewall and advanced network routing capabilities that ensure your data is safe while keeping your privacy secure – an ideal solution for companies looking at enterprise solutions.

With Aasani VPN, businesses can enjoy flexible and reliable high-performance connectivity. Take advantage of our two service options: a managed version with 24/7 monitoring & support or an on demand self-service option to craft your own Virtual Private Network (VPN). Get connected quickly so you’re ready for whatever comes next!

Aasani VPN offers the ideal balance between security and reliability. With our private network in place, users get full protection plus flexible scalability – all monitored 24/7 for extra peace of mind. And that’s not all: we manage end-to-end connections so there is no added burden on customers to handle it themselves! Aasani VPN provides comprehensive coverage with an unbeatable combination of safety assurance and dependability – perfect for those seeking optimum results without compromise.

Aasani VPN is the perfect solution for businesses who value efficiency and security. Offering any-to-any connectivity, wireless integration, enhanced traffic prioritization with Classes of Service (CoS), optional Network Based Firewall services, and Intrusion Prevention Services – users can rest assured that their network environment will be guarded by top caliber protection while simultaneously enjoying superior performance and flexibility. A great choice to ensure smooth running operations without having to worry about compatibility or safety!


Aasani Telecom’s IP Flexible Reach is the perfect VoIP solution to keep your business connected – offering reliability, cost-effectiveness and a suite of value added features. It offers E911 service, Local Number Portability as well as Virtual Telephone Numbers – which makes it ideal for modernizing phone systems or handling traffic levels on an ongoing basis. With this comprehensive package combined with Aasani Telecom’s renowned high quality standards businesses of any size can rest assured they will be getting reliable connectivity at great affordability.

Access Types:

  • Aasani Dedicated Internet (ADI)
  • Aasani VPN (Transport and Managed)

Multiple Call Types Supported

  • Aasani IP On-Net to Aasani IP On-Net
  • Aasani IP On-Net to Aasani PSTN Off-Net
  • Inbound and Outbound Local Calling
  • International Calling

Full Local Service

  • 911/E-911, N11
  • Caller ID with name
  • Blocking Options
  • Directory Listing

Additional Benefits

The business world is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. In order to be successful, businesses need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently across departments, networks, and platforms. Voice and Data Consolidation offers several advantages over traditional systems, including lower total ownership costs and increased simplicity. With less hardware needed on site, Voice and Data Consolidation can simplify network management while still providing the features necessary to compete successfully. Before making an investment in new communications technology, businesses should explore the benefits of Voice and Data Consolidation.

Available Flexible Calling Plans: 

  • Long Distance Plan 
  • Local and Long-Distance Plan 
  • Local and Long-Distance Package with 300 LD minutes included per concurrent call

Network Based Firewall (NBFW)

The Aasani Network-Based Firewall (NBFW) is the ideal firewall for customers who want total peace of mind when accessing the public internet. Our managed security service includes robust features like stateful inspection and intrusion detection to provide maximum protection against malicious attacks or software vulnerabilities, while also allowing authorized content through safely – ensuring nothing gets blocked that shouldn’t be!

Aasani Security’s network-based firewall service is an affordable and comprehensive way for companies to protect their networks. The service provides customers with custom firewall policies that are managed and monitored around the clock by Aasani Security’s Network Operations Center. Additionally, customers have access to an online portal where they can request security configuration changes and view multiple reports on their organization’s internet use. Aasani Security’s network-based firewall service is a reliable solution for companies looking to keep their networks safe from potential threats. By combining industry-leading firewall technology with around-the-clock monitoring and support, Aasani Security offers a comprehensive solution for protecting your organization’s network. For more information on how our network-based firewall service can benefit your company, please contact us today.

Aasani Network Based IP Remote Access (ANIRA)

Aasani Network’s IP Remote Access (ANIRA) is a powerful and secure solution for businesses to stay connected, no matter where their employees are located. ANIRA provides customers with the advantage of being able to remotely access MPLS PNT from any internet-connected device or Local Area Network (LAN). This offers companies flexibility when it comes to employee mobility without sacrificing security or reliability – providing all the benefits expected in an ideal business communication setup. With such versatility and dependability, ANIRA should be considered as an invaluable asset for organizations seeking reliable remote connectivity options.

Maximum Benefits – Points to Consider

Choosing a network client can be daunting, but with the right features it doesn’t have to be. Look for seamless access to applications so your work continues uninterrupted even in case of poor connections; support multiple connection types and flexible management tools as well as assured 24-hour helpdesk assistance should you ever require guidance or aid. With these points at forefront of decision making – finding the perfect fit is within reach!

Super Fast Delivery 91%
Flexible Payment System 50%
Easy Economic 91%
User Friendly 76%

Why Aasani Network Based IP Remote Access ?

  • VPNs create a secure, private network over the public internet. This allows users to send and receive data with complete confidentiality, regardless of their geographical location. Businesses benefit from this flexibility as they can access critical networks while away from the office; whilst individuals gain peace-of-mind knowing that even in busy public spaces such as airports or cafes – all web traffic is safely encrypted when connecting through a VPN. The level of convenience for businesses and individual freedom offered by using virtual private networks are simply invaluable assets in today’s digital world!
  • Our client provides top-tier secure connectivity for businesses and organizations, delivering seamless solutions that ensure employees can access the network with peace of mind.
  • Our client is now accessible to download on both iOS and Android devices, so you can easily stay connected no matter which type of device you use.
  • Flawless integration between applications and core infrastructure is key for achieving a streamlined workflow that drives productivity, delivers an improved user experience, and gives businesses the competitive edge. By unifying access to data & resources from one comprehensive platform, companies can benefit from increased efficiency while empowering their users with secure web collaboration capabilities.
  • Ensure your business and home office always have a reliable backup system with these powerful solutions.
  • In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, it is essential for companies to be prepared for any eventuality. A well-crafted Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can help them do just that – ensuring they are able to continue serving their customers and fulfilling obligations even under difficult circumstances. By thoroughly covering the three key components of a BCP – remote working, customer service provisioning and supply chain maintenance – businesses put themselves in good stead amidst any disruption caused by external factors beyond their control. Taking time up front helps avoid long term losses!
  • Aasani is a remote working solution that helps employees connect to their work network from anywhere. It is a secure and user-friendly solution that is easy to set up and use. Aasani provides employees with a secure connection to their work network, so they can access their files, applications, and email from any location. It also allows employees to collaborate with colleagues in real-time, regardless of location. Aasani is an ideal solution for companies that want to enable their employees to work remotely, without compromising security.
  • Aasani provides a safeguard for businesses, allowing them to securely empower their employees with the ability to work remotely.

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