White Label VoIP

Aasani Telecom is the perfect choice for resellers, ITSPs, and MSPs looking to expand their global VoIP operations. Our white label VoIP solution can be delivered in the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia and more with many clients operating in over 26 countries world wide. Aasani Telecom’s geo redundant class 4/5 softswitch, with POPs (point of presence) in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore ensures that our resellers have the most reliable VoIP platform available. In addition, our carrier-grade routing engine provides the best possible call quality for your customers. And our simple API makes it easy to integrate our service into your existing network. So if you’re looking for a white label VoIP solution that can help you take your business to the next level, Aasani Telecom is the obvious choice. Contact us today to learn more.

Our solution includes a billing, ticketing, and provisioning solution which provides an excellent customer experience while making your day to day task easy to manage. What sets us apart is our unique white label VOIP is as opposed to charging you or your client per seat on hosted we charge on a call path basis with this industry disrupting pricing plan your clients save money giving the white label partner the opportunity to keep more of their profits in house. By switching to our services, you’ll be able to offer your clients a superior product while also increasing your own profits. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.


Aasani Telecom, a trailblazer in global cloud-based telecommunications services, has transformed the landscape of business phone systems with its innovative VoIP reseller program. This program prioritizes empowering resellers by providing greater control, heightened service quality, robust customer relationships, and competitive price points for end-users. Aasani Telecom takes pride in furnishing the infrastructure and comprehensive back-end support essential for a successful hosted VOIP program. Customized to meet the distinct needs of each client, our solutions offer more flexibility and profitability compared to the one-size-fits-all approach advocated by many white label partner program providers. Our diverse range of offerings includes the traditional premium partner program boasting an industry-leading commission rate, the White Label VoIP Pro solution enabling partners to function as carriers on our shared hosted switching solution, and the White Label VoIP Enterprise, catering to organizations with a larger client base by providing a dedicated server.

Your Business Remains Autonomous

Being a white label VoIP provider means that your current and potential customers identify your business as the origin of their VoIP services. The selected VoIP platform is entirely tailored to your business, incorporating logos, names, addresses, fonts, and more. Your company gains acknowledgment and accolades for delivering exceptional service, and the seamless branding establishes a robust connection between your business and the outstanding VoIP services you offer. The extensive customization plays a pivotal role in the widespread popularity enjoyed by white label services and products.

Your Business Can Start Selling White Label VoIP Quickly

Aasani Telecom’s phone service distinguishes itself as a leading provider of SIP trunking and Hosted solutions in the current market, offering unparalleled advanced features in the phone service sector. An increasing number of VARS, Integrators, and MSPs are now opting for the White Label VoIP provider route over traditional partner programs, primarily enticed by the potential for earning larger shares of profits. In contrast to receiving a mere 15% of the monthly spend, Aasani’s phone service providers are realizing returns of up to and surpassing 75% of the client spend.

By selecting Aasani’s White Label VoIP service, organizations can maintain complete control over the client relationship they have invested significant time, resources, and money to establish, develop, and sustain. This ensures that the relationship remains under their management from inception to conclusion, avoiding relinquishing control to the ITSP and preserving the integrity of the client connection.

Final Thoughts

As evident, there are numerous outstanding advantages to offering white label VoIP services. Rigorously tested, fully packaged, and personalized to align completely with your brand, selling white label VoIP provides an excellent opportunity to establish a new revenue stream for your technology services business—without the extensive time and substantial financial investment required for developing your own product.

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