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Aasani Telecom introduces the SmartSIP Trunking Controller, a cutting-edge solution leading the evolution of SIP trunking. In an era where businesses increasingly recognize the cost-saving and flexible advantages of SIP trunking, our solution stands out as a comprehensive response to the growing needs of enterprises. If your company seeks a singular, robust solution that facilitates internal communication and seamlessly integrates PSTN access through a VoIP service provider, the SmartSIP trunking solution from Aasani Telecom is tailored to meet your requirements.

With our innovative SmartSIP Trunking Controller, businesses can fully leverage their VoIP network. The controller acts as a catalyst for optimizing communication infrastructures, ensuring companies not only benefit from enhanced internal communication capabilities but also gain efficient access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) through a VoIP service provider. This dual functionality not only streamlines communication within the enterprise but also extends its reach to external networks, providing a holistic communication solution.

At Aasani Telecom, we recognize the imperative for businesses to stay ahead in the telecommunications realm. Our SmartSIP trunking solution is meticulously designed to empower businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern communication effectively. By offering a unified platform seamlessly integrating SIP trunking for both internal and external communication needs, we ensure businesses not only enjoy operational efficiency but also capitalize on the inherent flexibility and cost-effectiveness of SIP trunking. Choose Aasani Telecom for a forward-looking solution aligned with your business goals, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your communication infrastructure.

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Aasani introduces a carrier-grade switch that redefines the implementation of SIP trunking in enterprise networks, setting a new standard for simplicity and functionality. Compatible with any VoIP service provider, our switch seamlessly integrates with various IP-PBX or UC platforms within the enterprise network. Whether retaining an analog or PRI-capable PBX, Aasani offers services in SIP, POTs, and PRI voice, ensuring flexibility. The SmartSIP Trunking not only saves costs but also enhances productivity by streamlining network platforms, reducing capital expenses, and minimizing staff training costs. Aasani Telecom’s software-based SIP Trunking Controller eliminates the need for expensive SBC hardware, simplifying network administration. Prioritizing business continuity, features like Automatic Mobile Re-routing ensure seamless connectivity during disasters. Clients can leverage existing PBX systems, avoiding the need for new phone systems. Aasani provides a comprehensive solution that adapts to existing infrastructure, improving efficiency and resilience.

Connect multiple locations and mobile and remote workers

With SmartSIP Hosted Office, employees can join forces across the globe! Texting colleagues in India or having online meetings with team members in the UK are a breeze for those stateside. Now easily and effectively collaborate on projects regardless of location – unite your business today to empower global teamwork!

A hosted PBX unifies mobile devices into a streamlined business phone system, granting users access to all of its features – voice, text, fax, conferencing and more. Employees are able to make and receive calls with their direct extensions or numbers from both corporate-issued as well as personal devices. This makes it the perfect solution for those enterprises that wish to embrace BYOD initiatives!

Employees have the capability to stay connected no matter where they are. From home, a hotel room or their personal smartphone – making and receiving calls is easy through your main business line or direct line using our versatile ‘find me follow me’ feature.

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