Aasani Wireless WAN Access

Reliable Wireless Internet Connectivity

When your business needs an internet connection that’s fast and reliable, Aasani Telecom has you covered. Our wireless solutions deliver speeds of up to 10 Gbps with flexible deployments – so whether it be in a rural location or as redundant failover for existing connections; we provide the support businesses need to stay productive both now and into the future. Get connected today by reaching out to our team!

With Aasani Telecom, You Experience:


For those living in remote areas, or who need a fast and budget-friendly way to get online – satellite internet is the perfect solution. Offering high speed access using satellite networks instead of cables or wires, it’s ideal for rural locations with limited broadband availability. With competitive pricing and no installation hassle – why not switch to satellite today?

Easy Install & Expert Support

Our service makes installation of this system swift and stress-free. Our team is available around the clock, no matter where your home may be situated – let us take care of the hard work to make sure that setting up at any time or place becomes a breeze!

Ease of Management

Tired of wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple vendors? Aasani Telecom can simplify your life and reduce operational hurdles. Let us show you how easy it can be!

Wireless Broadband FAQs

Aasani Telecom provides an unmatched wireless broadband experience to businesses looking for a dependable and secure connection. Their all-inclusive service includes the necessary equipment, meticulous management of the network when used as part of an alternate system solution, and expertly vetted monitoring services that guarantee reliable performance for mission-critical tasks. With Aasani’s Wireless Broadband offering businesses can trust their Internet access is always running smoothly no matter where they are located in the United States!

Businesses are reaping the benefits of wireless broadband as an increasingly attractive alternative to hardwired solutions. It offers convenience, cost-effectiveness and reliability with minimal installation requirements – perfect for locations where wiring would be difficult or impossible such as basements may be out of reach. Not only that but organizations can also take advantage of its affordable back-up features should their primary wireline service experience disruption. With packages starting at $26/mo, businesses have access to a reliable telecommunications platform with tremendous value potential!

Wireless Broadband

Speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps or more

Aasani Telecom’s Wireless Broadband offers a fast and secure way to access the Internet. With minimal equipment needed, this reliable solution is perfect for remote areas where wired connections are unavailable or impractical. Not only that, but it can also serve as an effective Managed Failover service to your existing connection – giving you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with your primary broadband provider. Plus, Aasani provides all necessary infrastructure when signing up so there won’t be any unexpected delays on getting online!

Fixed Wireless

Speeds up to 10×10 Gbps

Aasani Telecom’s fixed wireless network provides a reliable option for businesses in rural and metropolitan areas. Our experienced team assists organizations to scale their dedicated connections between multiple sites or establish managed failover solutions. With over 500 providers serving 50 states, our microwave technology offers an accessible alternative with larger bandwidth than traditional wired access – perfect for hospitals, retailers and companies without wirelines. Let us work together on your individual needs today!

What is Fixed Wireless Internet Access?

Companies looking for a cost-effective and convenient transport bandwidth or dedicated Internet access solution can turn to Fixed Wireless. This wireless technology uses radio and other frequencies from 900 mhz up to 80 ghz, connecting two fixed locations without having to lease fiber or install cables between buildings. Plus, customers benefit from high speeds of 10×10 Gbps – making it an ideal choice for businesses everywhere! However keep in mind that approval must be obtained first through property owners as well as zoning ordinances before installation can commence.

Reliable internet is essential for any business, which is why many are turning to fixed wireless technology instead of a physical wired connection. With more bandwidth and failover solutions available than traditional means, companies can now rest assured that their service will remain reliable in the face of outages or changes in usage needs. Fixed wireless offers businesses flexibility when it comes to improving their existing internet service so they have access to what they need – when they need it!